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A graduate of Humber College's Jazz Studies program, Diana Piruzevska focused on trombone performance, composition and arranging and received several awards and scholarships in the process. While studying music she began to explore other forms of art with a particular focus on photography and creating album artwork for other musicians. After graduating from Humber, Diana went on to study film production at Ryerson University. Being a music video director is the perfect marriage of these two art forms, allowing Piruzveska to combine her love for music and film as a passionate storyteller. In 2008 Diana started her own company, The Naked Eye Media, and has been producing photography, artwork, and film/video for artists and musicians all over Canada. Credits to date include Nelly Furtado's "Waiting for the Night," Adrean Farrugia's "Mourning Star," Sara Dell’s “Don’t Wanna Want It,” and Jeff Gladstone's "One Little Accident Away," featuring Sophia Perlman and Terra Hazelton and most recently “Black is the Colour” for Erin Cooper Gay. Diana is continuing to pursue her vision of incorporating music and other art forms into her life and practice as a way of breaking through to the emotional root of basic human experience.